Hiring Managers Readiness Plan

Here are few secret hiring tips how to stay organized, and get in the New Year well prepared for what’s coming next.

End of the year is perfect time to plan hiring strategy after holidays. Recruiting has never been more exciting field, there are so many innovative ways to reach quality candidates.

As our gift, here are few hiring advices that should help you be ready for the year ahead.

Review previous hiring results

If you are one of those organized bookworms, you would have a sheet document filled with a lot of details about all positions you tried to hire, and what kind of results you made for each of them while sourcing.

For the rest of us, we can reflect on given tasks and positions, and get objective conclusions.

If you track the candidates and positions, try to find the patterns. Knowing what kind of skills are commonly requested, and where sourced candidates fall short will help you improving your hiring strategy.

Figuring what positions was hard to hire can be helpful to find other ideas how to get the better candidates. If there were some pitfalls and slower recruiting process, it’s good to see if some processes can be changed.

Take a review of sourcing channels, and see how they perform. See if there are some new opportunities on the market, and see what works and what doesn’t.

Find next year business plans

Hiring managers usually have a good picture where company will be heading, and what is ahead of them. Use this as an opportunity, and spend some time chatting with them, or go on a lunch.

Knowing the company heading, and rough idea about potential team expansions will give you advantage when planning ahead of time.

During holiday season the most of people are not that busy, so this is perfect period to spend some extra time on insider interviews, and team collaboration.

Make a real New Year resolution

There are a lot of funny resolutions people think about. If you are serious about technology hiring career, invest in yourself.

The biggest long term investment you can make is to get educated about technology. This isn’t about learning how to make programs. This is more about understanding difference between commonly needed skills.

Taking small steps towards this goal will help you to better qualify candidates, and you spend less time communicating with recruiting managers.

Wishing you successful 2019!

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